Why ‘Rockstar’ actress Nargis Fakhri went to New York after taking a break from Bollywood, now told the truth


In an interview given to Times of India, Nargis said, ‘Somewhere I was feeling that the pressure of work is increasing on me, due to which I was getting very stressed. I was missing my friends and family too. I remember in 2016 and 2017 I realized this. I realized that I was not getting pleasure from this work.  I worked in films back-to-back, during which a lot more was happening. I wanted to stop it. I realized that in order to maintain a balance between my mind and body, I had to stop it and so I took this step.’

‘Sometimes it is difficult to be alone, as a human being you need a support system. So I went back to New York.  I had not met my friends and family for a long time, so when I went back there I spent a lot of time with them. I am now  all healthy’.

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