Vidya Balan Actress Removed From Many Tamil And Malayalam Movies Parineeta Changed Actress Life


Ideas of India Summit 2022: Actress Vidya Balan, who has made a mark in Bollywood films on the basis of her performance and ability, has made millions of fans. Vidya Balan has not only captivated the audience with her films but has also given them compelling messages. Vidya Balan has worked in many types of films in her career, from the film Dirty Picture to the recently released Jalsa, the actress’s performance is commendable. Vidya Balan participated in ABP News’s Ideas of India Summit 2022 and has spoken openly on women centric films from her career.

Vidya Balan, while talking about the initial phase of her career at the Ideas of India Summit, said, her first film was Malayalam, after completing the first schedule of which she returned to Mumbai, she got offers from 6-7 Malayalam films. The actress told, the story would have been told by calling her, it was said that when you would come, you would talk about things like costumes etc. but nothing was organized. Vidya Balan told, then the news came that the Malayalam film in which she was working has stopped. The actress told, directors Mohanlal and Kamal had done 8 films together, that (Vidya’s first movie) film was her 9th, now when the film was closed, someone had to be labeled… Vidya told, after that which He was thrown out of 6-7 films too.

Vidya Balan told during the summit, after that she signed many Tamil films and she was thrown out of that too. She was also shooting for a Tamil film, when her producer also came to know about the same jinx (label of bad luck) and she too panicked and she also dropped out of the film. Saying that if his horoscope has been checked, then this is not the right time, so he also kicked out. Vidya Balan told that during that time she had gone through a very difficult period. Vidya Balan said about the early time of her career, thankfully then she met Pradeep Sarkar, who expressed her trust in her. He again gave Parineeta.

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