Urfi Javed cried openly, said – no one respects in the industry


Urfi Javed, who made headlines from Bigg Boss OTT, has made shocking revelations about the TV industry. At the same time, it has also been told that no one here gives them work according to their mind.

After becoming a part of Bigg Boss OTT, Urfi Javed often remains in the headlines. Due to her dressing sense, she always remains in the discussion. For the past few days, some people of the industry adopted a rude behavior regarding Urfi Javed and also made a lot of jokes about her clothes. Urfi Javed has always been saying that she does not have any effect on the words of trolls, but it seems that this time she has felt very bad. In her recent interview, she has mentioned that the people of the industry do not respect her. At the same time, she also says that she is not getting the right work according to her in the industry.

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Industry’s hypocrisy

In an interview given to Miss Malini, Urfi Javed has said that she did not get the respect she deserves in the TV industry. The Bigg Boss OTT fame actress says that she wants to achieve a lot in life, but she gets only side roles. The actress is sad that people do not approach her for the role of typical daughter-in-law. Urfi Javed is also sorry that people do not respect her even after doing many shows on TV.

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Reprimanded by advisers

During this interview, Urfi Javed has also targeted those people who pass comments on her clothes. Recently, Kashmera Shah and Farah Khan Ali flaunted the fashion sense of Urfi Javed. On the reaction of both, Urfi has said, ‘Many TV actors whose profiles are blue ticked, they rarely write anything nonsense on the pictures posted by me. These people write anything ridiculous and I think that what have I done wrong to all of you, brother?’

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