This girl, who is seen chewing her finger in her mouth, is soon going to become a mother, do you recognize this Bollywood beauty?

This girl who chews her finger in her mouth is the beloved daughter of the Kapoor family. Also, the actress is going to become a mother soon. We know that after this you must have come to know the name of this actress, but there are still some people who have not been able to recognize the name of this actress, so tell them that this girl seen in the photo is none other than Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor. . And as everyone knows that Sonam Kapoor is going to become a mother soon. Little cries will soon be heard in their house.
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Sonam Kapoor has made the fans happy by sharing these pictures. Sharing these pictures, Sonam has written in the caption that- Happy Happy Birthday Mommy, you are the best mother in this world. You have set the best example for me. I love you very much. your favorite daughter. Sonam has shared not only one or two but many pictures on her Instagram. Looking at these pictures, it is clear that she shares a very deep bond with her mother.

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