The Kapil Sharma Show Krushna Abhishek New Promo Went Viral On Social Media


In The Kapil Sharma Show, not only Kapil Sharma but every artist seen in the show entertains the audience a lot. Even now those artists are quite popular only by the name of the characters they played. Krishna Abhishek is seen in the role of Sapna in this show. Sapna dance or acting, everyone’s laughter is lost after seeing them. In the show, he is seen running a parlor. Not only this, but often she is seen talking about her boyfriend Mukesh, whom she calls Chhava. No one had seen Sapna’s Mukesh yet, but for the first time in the show, Sapna has got her Mukesh.

Recently a new promo of Sony TV has been released. Mukesh Rishi, Yashpal Sinha, Abhimanyu Singh and Ashish Vidyarthi are going to appear in The Kapil Sharma Show this week. These four are counted in the most popular villains of Bollywood. He has scared the audience a lot with his strong acting. Now the audience is going to see him laughing in Kapil Sharma’s show. In the latest promo, it is being seen that Krishna Abhishek i.e. Sapna takes entry as a bride in the show by sitting in a doli.


First of all, Sapna’s father has told her- daughter, do not do any such work that will make your father’s head bow down. In response, the dream says – why are you Pushpa? After that, in the Sapna promo, Mukesh is seen dancing along with Rishi to the song ‘Dhol Bajne Laga’. That’s when she says that after 4 years my shadow is Mukesh… after that she starts pointing towards Mukesh. In the video, Kapil can be seen how he is pulling Abhimanyu’s leg.

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