Lock Upp: Kangana Ranaut scolds Anjali Arora and Poonam Pandey for having physical relationship with Payal Rohatgi


There was a lot to see in the lockup last week. From turbulent fights to emotional moments, it was like a rollercoaster ride for the prisoners. The week ended with the shocking expulsion of Chetan Hansraj and Saisha Shinde for misconduct.

With the chaotic situation in the jail locked, Kangana Ranaut turned furious and was seen cursing the contestants for their indecisiveness. She evicted Saisha Shinde for her ‘misconduct’ towards her. After Sayesha left, Kangana spent the entire week discussing the conduct of the contestants. During this, when she talked about fighting, Payal Rohatgi got stuck during the ‘Chakli’ task.

Kangana reprimands Anjali Arora for having a physical relationship with Payal Rohatgi during the task. She schooled her at the intimate distance of a person and also reminded her of the moral science lessons taught in the school. Kangana warned her not to go near not only Payal but anyone in the house. When Anjali tried to justify the same, Kangana said, “You have become very rude. Payal is saying don’t hold me, so you are saying I am not sure.

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After schooling Anjali, Payal scolds Poonam Pandey for coming too close to Payal’s face and using abusive language towards her. They called her the ‘gunda’ of the lock up jail. She warned her never to get close to anyone again. “It is not allowed to go near one’s head and enter the streets,” she said.

Kangana continued and declared, “Every human being has an intimate zone. You cannot touch any contestant without her consent.”

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When Anjali tried to explain her thoughts on this, Kangana stopped her and questioned her ‘low IQ’. While cursing her, the host said, “I don’t see muscle power yaha pe, kushti to nahi hai.”

Later, Kangana was seen praising Payal for being stronger than ever during the week. The actress lauded Payal for changing her perception and said, “You are tireless, it is commendable and desirable.”


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