Horoscope Zodiac Signs Get Money Vehicles Property And Promotion In April 2022


April 2022 Calendar, zodiac sign: According to astrology, the month of April 2022 is going to be special. This month, the change in the zodiac of planets is going to have an effect on the people from Aries to Pisces. Money related problems and obstacles can be overcome for some zodiac signs. Before knowing about these lucky zodiac signs, once we also know about the planets which are going to change the zodiac in April.

Zodiac Change in April 2022 (April Transit 2022 Calendar)

    • Mars transit in Aquarius on 07 April 2022 (Mars Transit 2022)


    • 08 April 2022 Mercury Transit in Aries (Mercury Transit 2022)


    • 12 April 2022 Rahu Transit in Aries (Rahu Transit 2022)


    • 12 April 2022 Ketu Transit in Libra (Ketu Transit 2022)


    • 13 April 2022 Jupiter Transit in Pisces (Jupiter Transit 2022)


    • 14 April 2022 Sun Transit in Aries (Sun Transit 2022)


    • 25 April 2022 Mercury Transit in Taurus (Mercury Transit 2022)


    • 27 April 2022 Venus Transit in Pisces (Venus Transit 2022)


    • 29 April 2022 Saturn transit in Aquarius (Saturn Transit 2022)


Horoscope 2022 (Horoscope 2022)
In the month of April, these zodiac signs are going to receive special blessings of Kuber, the lord of wealth, know the horoscope of these zodiac signs-

Gemini – The month of April is important for Gemini people. Shani’s dhaiya remains on your zodiac. Saturn’s zodiac change will get relief from Shani’s dhaiya. Your stalled work will be completed this month. New news can be found. There may be opportunities to move forward. Marriage- Problems coming in marriage can be overcome. The sources of income will increase. The desire to buy a vehicle, building etc. can be fulfilled.

Virgo (Virgo)- There is a chance of job change for Virgo people. Along with this, people associated with government service may have to face the process of transfer. Will prove beneficial for some people. Respect will increase in the office. There may be a situation of promotion. Sources of income can increase. You can open your own startup. Working by planning will be beneficial. You can buy something important and new in the house.

Capricorn – Saturn sitting in your zodiac will move to Aquarius on 29th April. This change of Saturn is bringing benefits in terms of money. Saturn’s transit will increase your luck. And by the way, he will give something big. So be ready. Take advantage of opportunities. Health will have to be taken care of. Stay away from anger and arrogance.

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