Arshi Khan became cozy with this person, publicly fell in love


Arshi Khan Viral Video: Videos of Arshi Khan are becoming increasingly viral on social media. In these videos, she is seen immersed in a tremendous romance with a man.

Arshi Khan Romantic Video: Actress Arshi Khan is famous for her impeccable style. From her statements to fashion sense, the actress looks very daring in every case. Now some videos of Arshi Khan have surfaced on social media which are going viral very fast. In this video, Arshi Khan’s sizzling romantic style is being seen beyond the limit.

Who is Arshi’s partner

After watching these videos of Arshi Khan, everyone wants to know about this person. Let us tell you that this person who appears in the video with Arshi is Ishaan Maish. Ishaan became famous as a Tik Tok star.

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Viral video on social media

Ishaan is a dancer who is very active on social media. Ishaan’s videos are quite popular on YouTube and Instagram and have been seen dancing with many beauties from Rakhi Sawant to Palak Tiwari.

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Chemistry of arshi and ishaan

In the video, Arshi and Ishaan are seen romancing on more than one great songs. Videos of both are becoming increasingly viral on social media and fans are liking and sharing this video of them a lot. Netizens say that there is great chemistry between Arshi and Ishaan.

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Arshi Khan on body shaming

‘Bigg Boss’ fame actress Arshi Khan has recently expressed her pain about body shaming and told that she is tired of facing it. Talking on body shaming, Arshi said, ‘I think body shaming is one of the most serious forms of harassment and humiliation and is commonly experienced by us women. I am tired of facing this. People keep commenting about my back and its size.

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