Vidya Balan Fear About Her Body And Looks In Starting Of Acting Career | Ideas Of India: Vidya Balan was afraid of this thing in the early stages of her career, said


Bollywood actress Vidya Balan is not interested in any identity today. He has made millions of fans on the basis of his performance and skills. Vidya Balan’s popularity is not only in India but all over the world. Along with her films, Vidya Balan also gathers a lot of headlines for her ideology. Recently, the actress has spoken openly on body shaming in Bollywood at ABP News’s Ideas of India Summit 2022.

Talking during the summit, Vidya Balan said, she started her career with television at the age of about 15 and a half years. She was 26 when she entered the film industry. The actress said, since 17 years she has been in the industry, she has seen changing the way of showing women. She felt that her body was not perfect and she would not be able to do anything big with it, like zero figure happens.

Vidya Balan told, she was relieved at a point that her body was keeping her alive and she was unable to thank him. She is just hating and criticizing him. The actress said, when I stop doing this, then others will also like it. The actress told, after that her health started improving completely. She was in the best phase of her health. Vidya Balan told, people always used to come to her and used to say that you should lose some weight …

The actress again shared an anecdote and said, about 5 years ago a director came to her, then she called the producer and said, if you want someone with a different body, then please cast someone else. You will get what you see here, if you feel that I am not suitable for the character, then you take someone else. She is not going to change herself. The actress said, after this he backed out but since then no director or producer has asked him to lose weight.

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